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Online Event Platforms to meet your online event planning needs.  If you're planning your first online/live event or if you're planning multiple events, if you're an online/live event planner we have an online event platform for you.  If you're looking to merge your live and online experience in a customized, connected, feelings and sensory based way that honours what it means to be human, you have come to the right place.  Let's explore what we can do for you and how we can take your online event to the next level.      



How do you want to share your event with people live AND online ?

Online/Live events can be personal such as a wedding, funeral, a special party or celebration OR they can be professional events such as corporate sponsored special events, product launches, client appreciation parties. 

ALLVIEW tailors your event to your needs and to your guests' needs so that the experience is meaningful and effective while being inclusive and easy for all.   Contact Us for your next online/live event.

We are here to make your event as special online as it is live.   

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