Knowing how to give the online event experience more

I love the opportunity to create online interactions in a way different from what many of us have seen or experienced before.  A way that brings the heart, the soul and warmth to the interactions that is also part of of what makes us human.  The internet and technology have barely scratched the surface here.  It is an amazing time to explore the intersection of all these worlds in a way that we can all relate through the events of our lives.

Aileen Reyes-Picknell

Online Event Designer & Creative Director

Translating the Live Event Online  

When you tell me what it is you are looking to do and you tell me what the behaviours and the actions are in the non online environment, my mind instantly shows me all the possibilities that can be created!  I enjoy living and communicating between both worlds, finding the way to connect them both while building the bridge to our digital futures one event at a time.

Rick Tuinenburg

Online Event Designer & Technology Director